Monday, July 26, 2010

Cheers to Me!

In a whirlwind of 6 days I put it out there to the Universe (and my good friend/mentor Lisa) that I was ready to get back into the workforce and now I find myself with a JOB! A real paying legitimate job.....with a desk, a title, AND perks! I have been out of the market for 5.5 years and in my first interview I nail it and get hired on the spot and start working the same day! I am so FUCKING stoked right now. I am beyond words excited. Jittery and full of excitement for what this opportunity holds! I believe, no in fact I KNOW, that this is what I needed. This has been the missing piece for me.

It's difficult when you find yourself with no purpose and no direction. When you feel like you are caught in the whirlpool of sameness. Now I can begin to see my way out. I have an outlet that is ALL MINE, not to be shared with children or husband. My attention can be focused on something outside of my ROLES at home. This I love. This I crave. This I need. This I will never let go of.

What does the future hold, I am not sure? Will this turn out to be a terrible fit and one I regret in a few months, maybe? Will it turn into something more that catapults me to a full time career, maybe? But in this moment I embracing it and holding onto the good feeling as long as it lasts. (Holding onto my wine too!)

So thank you to all of you (5 readers) for your support. I am sure I will have many interesting stories to tell about my experiences!

CHEERS to fucking me,


  1. I am crying with happiness for you, Annie. For realz. Tears are on my cheeks right this minute. I am so excited for this new chapter in your life. May it revitalize YOU and breathe new life into your other roles!

  2. CHEERS TO YOU! I could never say it to you until now, to me you have always been a Career-Woman, A hard-ass, driven, career woman, and I knew you just needed to be back in the work force and you will breathe life again. Not that you haven't been living, but you have been living for others and not yourself. I truly believe you need a balance of both, not just one or the other, and not leaning heavily on one or the other. But BALANCE for women who are driven. And that is you, lady! Of course, you are going to kick-ass and develop into a much bigger role. I just know it!

  3. HOORAY!!! I'm so excited for you, a million congratulations. Does this mean I can get into Sawdust Festival for free now? (hehe)