Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dress Up

I think that I missed out on enjoying dress up as a kid, because these days I am LOVING it! It could be due to the fact that I mostly find myself in my "mom gear" (consisting of jeans, target t-shirt, hair in a pony, and flip flops). In my mom gear I am running around the OC doing errands to get crap for the family...the usual boring stuff. Every week my grocery list has the same thing on it....blah, blah, blah. So when my husband mentioned we were invited to the WORLD premier of the new movie SALT, I squealed with joy! This meant new clothes that did NOT consist of the mom gear, it meant jewelry, it meant make-up and hair, it meant sexy dress, shoes....

So last week I hit the mall and tried on about 20 different dresses (that was depressing in itself). I know, some of you are thinking, big deal Annie you are a skinny Bitch, but LISTEN I got my issues too! Can you say back acne at 32 (depressing!), large rib cage where I break zippers, bow legs, and ski slope toes that look lame in all kinds of shoes? Anyhow, I found a cute little black number and jazzed it up with what I call a "rockstar belt." I busted out my own shoes and jewelry to save money (my husband has no idea how much money I saved him! Oh, and he doesn't know how much I spent, I only told him how much he saved! This is a great tactic by the way.)

I admit I was nervous rolling up to the premiere at the theater, but I was also excited. The security guys just let us walk right through without even asking for our tickets!!! (Good to note for next time I decide to crash one of these swanky Hollywood gigs.) Anyhow I felt like a million bucks. I knew I was no one in this scene, but it sure didn't matter when I felt confidant about myself!! Amazing what a little make-up, hair spray, and a new dress will do for a gal!!!! And now I commit myself to more dress up time if for nothing other than an ego boost!



  1. You look fantastic, what a fun night! I totally understand the 'mom-gear' thing. Without an office to go to, I have no reason to wear heels or fancy work clothes. Jeans and floppies are great, but man, sometimes you just wanna wear some killer heels and a pencil skirt.

    Which rarely goes over well on errand day. Oh well!

    Idea: let's make our ladies' beer nite as DRESS UP + BEER nite!

  2. I think you need to go to more premieres!