Friday, September 24, 2010

I love :: I hate

Two crazy people I know have inspired me to compile a list. They like to make lists on their blog [[that I not ashamed to say that I stalk.]]  So I said to myself, "Self, you can do that too!" So here we go....

A few things on my mind lately...

I LOVE_____
1. When I get it right
2. When I can inspire the kiddos to learn by doing simple art projects. This then makes them think that I am brilliant.
3. When I am brilliant.
4. Silence. Early morning just before dawn and late night when the house creaks under the pressure of darkness.
5. Working.
6. My kiddos voices. (Not "pretend" voice because that tends to be shrill and annoying. Find this as #3 below)
7. Learning.
8. Hearing the baby laugh and then fart at the same time.
9. When FB posts make me laugh out loud...literally! (Thank you Kid and Sassy)
10. Keeping this list to 10.

I HATE_____
1. Missed opportunities.
2. Poopy pants.
3. Shrill voices, like nails on a chalkboard.
4. Drivers in their oversized SUV's...wait I am one of those people. Does this mean I hate myself? Hmmm?
5. Stubbing my toes, which happens ALL the time. I'm surprised I still have all 10.
6. Glenn Beck.
7. When my hair is frizzy. When my hair is dry. When hair grows in unwanted areas. (like those two on my chin) Ugh. I hate hair!
8. Feeling inadequate and disrespected.
9. Laundry or any other chore that requires my attention on a daily basis.
10. Being disorganized.

Side Note: I have been off my blog for a few weeks trying to assimilate into working, school, and fall busy mode so I know I neglected you. But I am back. Going to try and keep up with at least one post a week. You know what they say..."one post a week with keep the mental illness away." Of course we all know that xanex, lexapro, tequila and wine actually are the real things that keep the crazies away, but blogging about my mundane life helps too.



  1. HAHA. Lists are my favorite way to get out of writing a "real" blog. But they're always fun to read!

  2. I love #4 on the Love list...what beautiful imagery.

  3. It's the best...isn't it Amy! It is so rare these days!