Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Roommate, Part 2

If you read yesterday's blog you became familiar with who I deem "The Roommate". Skipping ahead of several blogs I was planning to write about the days after the accident, I just have to mention briefly here what happened last night. The irony of the situation cannot wait to be shared with you.

After writing the blog yesterday, I was not anxious to get home. It was a little like the old days (meaning the days just after the accident) because I had carpooled to work yesterday (I learned the benefits of conserving energy, especially since my ride drives a Prius). Anyway, as we pulled up to the driveway I held my breath because usually I see The Roommate's car right when I get home. Whew, I could breathe a little, he was not home yet.

I get inside and take over the areas I want before The Roommate gets home - the couch, the kitchen counter, the kitchen table. Hey, I needed to start prepping dinner (for Brad to cook), I needed to set up my laptop, and I was going to read by the fire later. I actually felt a little at home. I was happy, I was comfortable.

Then, the lock started to jiggle. I tensed. Fists clenched. I was dreading The Roommates face, his voice, the interruption of my peace. And then, to my surprise, it was the best face to appear - Brad's. NO ROOMMATE. Whew, again, now I was really breathing right.

"I thought you were [The Roommate]," I said.

"No, it's just me."

"Hey, when is [The Roommate] leaving town for Thanksgiving?"

"Today. He's gone. I told you that last night. I don't think you were paying attention."

Um, hellooooooooooo! Don't you think if I heard that, even in a faint whisper, I would have jumped for joy! This was the best news ever. Brad added that The Roommate was not scheduled to return until December 1st! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

In that very moment, standing right there in the kitchen, I tore off my pants and danced around in my button down shirt and red underwear!!!!

When does complaining ever get you what you want! Well, it did yesterday. Here I had made myself resent The Roommate more by writing a blog about him, and instead of being punished, my dream came true of his absence! It was HOME SWEET HOME last night.

Too bad that I went upstairs after the great dinner Brad made and passed out without even changing into PJs. We had the entire place to ourselves, Brad spoiled me with a great dinner, and he even came home at a decent hour to do it, and I fell asleep before he could even come upstairs and say, "Hey, no, don't...." Maybe that is what happened the night before when he told me The Roommate was leaving, I was probably already passed out. Had Brad told me when I was awake, or even text me yesterday to remind me, I would have made a point of having the energy to have a romantic evening alone.

Oh well, there is tonight, and every night until December 1st!!! Thank you, God!!! You heard my prayers!


  1. that is better than any christmas present EVER! oh, and enjoy i know you shall!