Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The move is here. We've cleaned and purged, sold furniture, given away half a garage full of "stuff", and have packed up the rest. It's been rough at times, especially during Thanksgiving. I had to really dig deep within myself to find the strength to make it through this. I sit here and type and am surprised at the emotions that are still bubbling below the surface. I have taken this move much harder than I thought I would.  I did it though. With the help of xanex and a few beloved friends I have made it to the end...just about to it. And with Sara Bareilles as my soundtrack.. thank you to Amy, Jmama and Sassy for recommending her album. The heart and soul of her music has pulled me through this dark time.

Even though I have cried more times than I can count or care to admit. Even though I have times of breaking down in my closet hiding from the world. Even though I am clinging to every memory of this home and this time in SC I have found hope. Just a bit of hope that on the other side I will find more hope, strength and endurance. I know that God has more for me and my family. I can find a safe haven. I can keep looking for that strength that lies deep within me...the warrior princess!

Annie Xena Princess

BTW: I plan to look like her after I institute my work out plan!


  1. You're incredible, Xena! I can't wait til you're that much closer...and to help you make your new home. This year, I'm so thankful for the friends I've found - you inspire.

    <3 A

  2. Congratulations on pulling it off. I am proud of you for getting yourself through it! And I will join you in working toward the Xena look, LOL. Workouts commence as soon as I finish my VU papers!

  3. Your strength and commitment to your life, family and God is extremely admirable. You are my HERO, Annie Xena Princess!

  4. 'Xena warrior' - love it! Congrats on 'conquering' your move! SC will always hold a special place in your heart...sooo many great memories there; but, now it's time to make more beautiful ones with your fam and the old (and new) frenz you're going to be able to surround yourself with in Newport. Since your frenz mean so much to you, that's going to be a huge blessing. Like you alluded - God has something more, something different and something blessed, i believe, awaiting you in this new season of life. A season of moving forward and CONQUERING all your challenges! May the force be with you, Annie Princess Warrior!

  5. Love this! LOVE. New season.