Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Where I'm Going

My last post was a poem and it was something that I had not planned on writing, instead it poured out of me. I hadn't experienced this kind of "thing" before. I don't consider myself one prone to artistic sensibilities. Yet, there I found myself writing about my heart and soul...

Anyway some of you that occasionally read this blog have responded with what I can only see as love. Instead of it scaring you off into avoidance you sent me love. You see I have a hard time showing vulnerability because I tend to see it as weakness. (I don't like to appear weak.) Though over these past two years and especially in the past 3 months I realize I am full of raw unapologetic emotion.  And this emotion I have does not make me weak it makes me human and ALIVE.

You that have reached out to me and have stood by me through it all I dedicate this song to you.You have taken my hand because you know what I am going through. 

Some of you have had loss...loss of a pregnancy, marriage, or friends. Others have seen tragedy. Others dealing with chronic illness. Even a near death experience or a mother who's fought off cancer. You, my friends, have showed me that no matter what life brings in our paths we can stand together. So I offer you my hand because I know what you are going through...


Where I'm going I don't know but come with me...


  1. A lovely song, a lovely post, and a lovely person. I'm so glad to have reconnected with you! I anticipate great things coming from that raw emotion inside you, call it intuition on my part. I'm especially excited that you work in a place that surrounds you with creativity. What an awesome incubator for your imagination.

    P.S. Did you do that book yet? I'm SO curious about your strengths.

  2. As always THANK YOU Sassy for your encouragement and understanding.

    The book...yes, did the test and I will have to share with you.....some interesting strengths...