Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Gym

I don't want to go. The work day is temporarily over, not quite because later I have to go home and do some research reading. But in between I could, I should, go the gym. It was on my schedule yesterday but I wimped out because I had plans every night this week until Sunday. But tonight my plans got cancelled and my gym bag is still in the car. I have clothes. But I don't want to. I could even go to a spin class right now and make it home in time to watch SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. So that's not an excuse NOT TO GO. But then right now I'm writing this and I should be getting in my car to make it to spin class by 6:45. I can sign off right now and still get there in time, so I can't make an excuse that my blog is keeping me from going. In times likes these I let my reflexes take control. When I start to drive out of the parking lot, we'll see which way my hands steer the wheel. Will it be in the direction of the gym? Or in the direction of home and the television. I keep thinking of my thighs. I keep thinking of my stomach that I want to be flat (some days it is). I keep thinking of the beach this weekend and how it would be nice for me to be confident that I went to the gym this past week. I keep thinking about the cereal I just ate for a snack. I keep thinking how there are women who are 40 that look better than me. Ok, now I have five minutes to get there in time. I have a feeling...oh, who knows...I was going to say I have a feeling I'm going to make it to the gym, but then I always have a feeling and it's the exact opposite.
I sign off now and we'll see if I go work toward making my body look A LITTLE better.


  1. KITTY in Croatia =DAugust 5, 2010 at 3:14 AM

    so did u make it, lol? to go or not to go...the never-ending personal debate (or in my case, to work-out at home, or do a million other things instead)? wish we could just naturally have great would be so much easier. ;)

  2. The constant struggle against our aging bodies!!! I have not worked out in MONTHS...I don't even want to anymore. Sure, I always feel good when I do and I love it when I am doing it. BUT it is the working up to it....finding the motivation to start!

    I hope you made it! I planned on running this am, never did....hahahahaha


  3. So, did you? I have been getting BACK in the workout habit the past month. Some weeks are better than others. But how in the world do I manage to GAIN weight as soon as I start working out?? Hardly motivating.