Saturday, August 14, 2010

Life Could be a Dream

It helps that this is where I work...not too shabby.
I have a new and welcomed role in my part-time job. I guess I am a writer now. Well, in a certain sense...I make Facebook posts and write blurbs on a blog. Hey, don't snicker this is no joke...companies need 'Social Media' Coordinators, Managers, writers....I am one of those people. It is a new era in marketing/PR and for better or worse it includes the Social Media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger. (Good thing I started this blog, it gave me street cred.)

So three weeks in and I am feeling good. Finding my footing and enjoying the process of working. I like having something that is all mine. It is not defined by my role as a mother or as a is simply mine. Oh, how I needed that in my life. One of my friends said to me, "I lost something of myself in Motherhood." That is exactly how I fell, like a part of me or all of me was lost into Motherhood. This is because I have given myself TOTALLY and completely over to it. I know that it is a good thing yet somehow I didn't hold on to any of who I was...who I am...who I am becoming. So now, through work, I reclaim it. I take back ME. I am finding that doing this for myself is bringing a renewed sense of purpose into my life. I feel confidence coming back, I feel pride, I find more patience with the kids, I see life filled with hope...all this because for the first time in a very long time I am happy.

The job itself has wonderful perks. For instance last night I took one of my best friends of 15 years out for a girls night on the town. We went to the most popular hot spot in Laguna, The Rooftop, for drinks then over for dinner at a new restaurant finished off by a show at the Laguna Playhouse. We had an incredible amount of fun. We chatted about life...we enjoyed a lot of laughs. I kept saying to her, "I cannot believe this is my job! We are out in a beautiful city, eating amazing food, watching the theater and it is all for FREE and it is my job!" The show we saw was perfectly titled, 'Life Could be a Dream.' And it's true, when you decide to take control and change what you are unhappy about in your life it can be a dream!

Signed the working lady,


  1. That last line says it all--you changed what you were unhappy about!! It was a blast and we made a memory for sure!

  2. A wonderful memory I will cherish forever Amy!

  3. KITTY in Croatia =DAugust 15, 2010 at 1:10 PM

    LOVE this post! :)

  4. I'm SO happy for you, AM! Balance is a necessary and wonderful thing; you deserved to find it in such a beautiful place.

    Also, I am open and available to join you for free evenings as described above. Just FYI.