Tuesday, August 24, 2010


With Robby, 2004. Only child.

I complain a lot about my dog Robby. Unfortunately, he has become the sixth wheel in this family. He used to be priority number one back in 2000. He was the life of this little family, but now he is ONLY the dog. It doesn't help much that he has become a complete and utter pain in the ass! Running out the front door, down the street and into my poor neighbors yards (taking a dump there sometimes) or running into his favorite house...201. Then there is when someone comes to the door he attacks them with jumps, scratches, and panting...mind you all meant to show his love for said person. Most people find it utterly annoying and painful. I just want to drop kick the dog to Tijuana. It's horrible I know...I really am an animal lover! But Robby is getting on my nerves.

Then this weekend we had a scare with him. We woke up to him shitting out red blood on our bedroom carpet and pillow shams (I am so happy about the red stain on my green Calvin Klein sham. I am truthfully thankful that it was not my period blood making the stain.) He then started acting lethargic and quivering. He went out into the garden and laid down in the dirt as if to die. I thought he was going to die. He was clearly in pain and I didn't know what to do. Finally, I convinced the husband to take him to the vet. He had to stay there all day on an IV. Turns out he had colonitus aka bad diarrhea and was subsequently dehydrated. Now he is fine, back to his annoying self.

Now, after the death scare, I have realized just how much I love the blood pooping, jumping, run down the street pain in my ass dog. I realized I would miss all that if he was gone. I would miss the fact that he cuddles on the couch with me. Gives me kisses on my feet when I am feeling down. That he knows me....he knows when I need a little tender love, even if it is from a dog. So I am glad he didn't kick the bucket.

In puppy love,


  1. Awwwww! I'm glad it worked out....
    I miss my kitties, but never miss the kitty litter, or poop-scoopin duty. Ah well, they make it worth it in the long run(s) don't they? ;)

  2. Poor Robby. :( I am glad he's ok.

  3. Oh, I so love Robbie. I know you will never let him go, but if he ever gets on that last nerve, i am sure we would adopt him from you until you realized you made a mistake in giving him away and you want him back.