Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pandora Saves

When I am having one of those moments where I am feeling down and don't really know why, I turn on Pandora, my Cannonball station. When I am feeling like dancing I turn to my Justin Timberlake station. Then there is my everyday station, Broken Bells. I am simply in love with Pandora because I can match my music to my mood or change my mood with my music, if I so please. 

Using music to soothe and heal the soul has always helped me. Since I have no musical talent of my own, I love to listen to the creations of true musicians. The soothing voices, melodies, the strum on a guitar, or the beautiful tones of the piano. I am not real picky about my music...I know what I like and what I don't...
If it moves me I try to listen over and over. In this chaotic house filled with little voices and activity 98.9% of the day music is one of the only things I can control...and I DO! Maybe someday the kids will tell a story of how the music they heard in the background of their childhood somehow helped touch the alter a challenge them to create...that it somehow inspired...



  1. KITTY in Croatia =DAugust 9, 2010 at 1:08 PM

    i agree! music is SOOOO helpful in my life, as well. even my teeny-booper crap, lol. if definitely has rubbed off on Brookie, though; not sure if it's a good thing - she listens to her fave - Bad Romance by LadyGaga every nite when she has some dessert! but funny side-note - did u know i didn't even know what Pandora was until Sam came to visit a few months ago? she was talking about Pandora and Blu Ray and i was like, HUH? we've gotten a little out of touch to say the least...BUT - Pandora does sound freakin' awesome! keep rockin' it girl!

  2. Kitty, you continue to crack me up! Pandora was "out" way before you guys ever left for Croatia! I listened to it back in the work.

    Anyway you're going to LOVE it when you get back. You can listen to all your CHEESY music!!!!!