Thursday, October 28, 2010


In this up and down emotional state that I am in recently I have come to the realizations that I need to start managing my expectations. The expectations of not only myself but of others. So I'm trying to expect less of myself...less than perfection. Why do I have to have a clean house? Fuck it. Why do I need to be up to date on pop culture? Fuck it. Why do I need to be the calm mom all the time with the kids? Fuck it. Why do I need to always comply? Fuck it. Why do I need to care so much about what others think of me? Fuck it. If I screw up and disappoint all those around me, that's life. If I've changed and you don't like it, FUCK YOU.

Others, I expect a lot of you. I expect a lot from friends and even more from family. I realized that I put unrealistic expectations on how I want others to function in their lives. If I expect perfection from myself it does not mean others have to as well. So FUCK IT! If you don't call me back I am not going to assume you're upset with me. If you don't do the fucking dishes that are staring at your face, I don't care. Maybe you're going blind? If you walk away from me, I don't care. Possibly you didn't hear me. And so on.

On a positive note I am also learning to appreciate my friends more than ever. I am recognizing that I NEED them in my life. I can see that these women in my life (you know who you are) I cannot survive without. They are my foundation. They are my strength. Thank you. I don't say that enough. Thank you for your continued support. Thank you for your acceptance. Thank you for your advice. Thank you for standing by me and never letting me fall too low. I don't think I could survive without your love.

Fucking it all,

Hope none of you are too offended by the 9x's I said Fuck in this post. Now 10x's.


  1. You're beautiful. Life is hard; sometimes people break our hearts and let us down. Fuck it. Give love and be strong, and try to always forgive yourself first. (hug!)

  2. I am glad to see this post. Sometimes you have to just get it all out in order to move forward. And thank you, too...I am so glad to have your friendship.

  3. Thank you ladies, Love you both to pieces!

  4. F*ck this post! j/k LOVE you! :) This post made me laugh, for obvious reasons, but also because it reminded me of advice i always give to brides-to-be: lower your expectations/standards. Then, you'll be disappointed less and ultimately, happier. Sad, but true. ;)