Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pink Martini...yes, I'll have some of that

Last night my husband and I had our first REAL date in long time. See, we are trying to turn over a new leaf in our lives. Since having kids 5 years ago we have become bogged down by the mundane of life. We tend to only do what is necessary; the chores around the house, caring for the children's needs, celebrating birthdays, or holidays, or anniversaries, and then crashing at night in front of the TV with a microwaved Trader Joe's meal. Then we wake up and do the same thing all over again...every day, week, month....and now years have passed. Where did our lives go? We used to go out and try new restaurants, we used to go see shows, travel, be spontaneous, really what I am trying to say is that we used to be free. Unattached to the responsibilities that having a family brings. Suddenly we find ourselves 5 years deep into parenthood with 3 children and no life for ourselves. I know that sounds negative, but in the spirit of being honest (since that what this blog is if nothing else) this happens so easily! We didn't purposely let our passions and interest fade away, they were just set aside so we could focus on what was immediately in front of us. We have poured our lives into these little ones, but now as they get more independent and older it is time to find again.

A band that I have loved for several years is Pink Martini. My brother-in-law gave me their cd a few years back for Christmas and I immediatly fell in love. They are a fusion of so many kinds of music...latin, spanish, french, big band, opera, classical, pop, disco, the list goes on. I would play a song and just be taken over. I would start dancing around the kitchen... It reminded me of my days back in college with Marcieanna. We were roommates and we would put on some salsa music and just dance around for hours. Pink Martini uses a lot of latin beats that just get you moving. Their music is filled with passion and emotion and now that I think about it, that is what draws me to them. I feel passion and alive when I listen to them.

Last night I got dressed up, did my hair, put on my best make-up and went out on the town. We arrived at the Segesrstrum Hall, where Pink Martini was playing, and I already felt like it was going to be an amazing show. Our seats were set right up above the orchestra and I could literally read the music of the horn section from my seat. The Segerstrum is beautiful, modern, and enchanting. I looked around and the crowd seemed to fit what Pink Martini embodies; eclectic, mixed, a wide range of ages, ethnicity, hipsters, hippies, even a few children. As they played and their music filled that hall everyone was smiling! Everyone was happy, enjoying the music. Oh, and I felt alive!!! That music moved me and stirred in me a desire to LIVE. To enjoy these times. To get out! To take the time to find my passions again. To escape, every once in a while, the mundane that can overcome life. It was an amazing night, a great band and even more importantly it was inspiring for me. This band, these people have followed their passions and are doing what they love...

So next time I am feeling overcome with the mundane of life I am going to throw some Pink Martini on the ipod and start dancing around the kitchen.



  1. By the way, if anyone is actually reading this stuff, I made the title of the blog a hyperlink to a Pink Martini video.

  2. This inspired me, Annie! I never did make it to salsa that other night because I was working in the studio late, but the very same happens with me when I go to salsa. I feel alive and beautiful and inspired. Thank you for sharing!