Sunday, April 18, 2010

Seeing "Date Night" on Date Night

Friday night we saw the new movie with Tina Fey and Steve Carell, Date Night. I didn't have high expectations for it, but I was actually pleasantly surprised. I found myself belly laughing at the depiction of life as a boring married couple. As I am sitting there laughing I realized that the young 30 something single lady next to me was not laughing half as much as I was. I am pretty sure she was missing some of the humor here. I mean couldn't she relate to being woken up at 5:30am by bouncing children in your bed begging for food? Or what about the negotiations about whether or not to have sex after a long day? She never had to say "Give me a second I need to get my head around this," before jumping into bed to have sex? Or had she never said, "We can keep it uptown?" I am sure she hadn't had to do any of that, yet...

How about the awkward silence during a dinner out? I was dying laughing because I have been there...I have sat in that silence with nothing much to talk about except for how the food taste, what the plans for the weekend are, and what the kids are doing. One of the classic parts in the movie is when they look over at another couple in a booth, cozied up to one another and sucking face. They both stare unable to avert their eyes when they realize that the couple is married! Bahahahahaha, I mean who does that, especially if you are married? Steve Carell's character said something like, "How can you even talk when sitting on the same side of a booth? You have to crane your neck...." But, you saw in their eyes that they wanted to be like that...The envied that married couple that hadn't fallen into the boring routine of being nothing more than roommates.

I don't want to ruin the rest of the movie for you, but needless to say it was great. I am still smiling to myself about that single 30 year old next to me too. I am POSITIVE she has a fairytale image of marriage (Like most of my single 30 year old women friends. They all want marriage so badly. They start feeling like they are getting old and are missing out). That it will be blissful and solve all her lonely heartache. But maybe after seeing Date Night she looks at it different. OR maybe after hearing the crazy married lady next to hear laugh to the point of crying about the most ridiculous parts of the movie she might reconsider her view of the fairytale of marriage....

32 and Married, Annie


  1. Toby wants to see this...I think we'll go in a week or so. Looking forward to it now!

  2. I think you guys will love it! So funny!!!!


  3. Aaron and I really want tosee it too. It could traumatize us. But nothing gets worse than the horrific depictions of marriage Aaron counsels everyday.

  4. Even though I have been married before, I am still thinking of the fairy tale marriage. Thanks for the reality check! LOL!