Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Holier than thou

This last week I received a Facebook message from one of those people that you really wished you had never "confirmed" as a friend. The type that has zero sense of humor, a self-righteous attitude and is a buzz kill. The message was so thoroughly offensive and out of line that I at first did not even know how to respond to it. Half of me wanted to yell (in all caps) "TAKE YOUR HOLIER THAN THOU ATTITUDE AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS." I also thought about sending her some of her own medicine by quoting the bible where it says "take the plank out of your own eye before pointing to the splinter in mine" (paraphrased AMS style).  Alas I came to my senses, cooled down a bit and decided that would not be a kind or effective way to respond to this so-called friend. Instead I only thanked her for her unsolicited prayers. I naively thought that would be the end of the emails, but I was wrong. Immediately I got a response back about how I was a "sinner" and "lost to our sweet Jesus." COME ON!!!!! Look I am a Christian, I believe in God, I strive to be kind to others, love all people, and conduct myself in an ethical and moral manner, but to be called out like this by someone I have not seen in 10 years in unbelievable! In addition to have my life and actions judged from my FB postings and status updates is verging on insanely ridiculous! This has left me with a bade taste in my mouth about the glories of FB. I love playing on there and staying connected to people, but when "friends" cross the line of etiquette and begin judging I want to give it up. I feel bad deleting people, but I am thinking it is time to purge the crazies off.



  1. OK you have to tell me who, now (I can't wait to talk to you now that we are home!). :) Sorry about the silly message, AM. Sounds like the "friend" is just plain not your friend. I have read every one of your updates for the last couple of years, I bet, and there is nothing there TO judge. Just your sweet, exuberant self.

  2. PS I like the new look of the blog!

  3. Dude...who was it!!!?? I get those all the time and just ignore it. Especially because I have a lot of photos of me with red plastic cups and you know what that means...I'm a SINNER! LOL!