Thursday, June 10, 2010

Retail Therapy

Do any of you use little a retail therapy to help you make it through a tough day or week? I certainly do. I would have never admitted this a few years back (in my 20's) but now...who the hell cares! YES, I on OCCASION buy shit to give myself a little pep in my step, a lift, a feel good moment in time, a boost! I know that the high from the shopping is short lived, but so worth it.

Here is some of my retail therapy:

Urban Decay eye liner in 'Binge', a beautiful navy blue that makes my eyes pop. I am not kidding I feel like I got a face lift I look so damn good. *wink*

Terrible picture, but wonderful recycled clothes! I bought both of these with my sister in Long Beach on 4th street. The street is lined with "hipster vintage" and stores or what I like to call glorified thrift stores. There was one wonderful store, REPLAY, that sold these fun and unexpected shirts and dresses made out of old t-shirts and outdated dresses. I bought these two pieces. I have worn both and love that they are unlike anything you can buy at Nordi's (the store of choice for the vanilla planned community I live in).

Nail Polish makes me feel, well....POLISHED. There is nothing better than buying a new one AND then getting a free set of mini testers. Can't wait to get these bad boys on my finger tips! Chopsticking To My Story, a beautiful burnt orange.

What's retail therapy without a new book.....or two to read! I will be reading these for the next several months while I am on the toilet. (This being the only time I have to read these days!)
Dharma Bums, Jack Kerouac
Little Women and Warewolves, Louisa May Alcott and Porter Grand

There you have it, the few things in the past weeks that have brought a little sparkle to my life. Never underestimate the wonderful effects of retail therapy, albeit short, but wonderful!

Annie, becoming addicted to retail therapy


  1. Annie - I'm loving reading your blogs! I'm so glad you're doing this for yourself!

  2. I got your back, lady.

    Just finally replaced my old LAMB purse with a new one (what a treat for a $$-defunct single-momma!) and yes, that eyeliner is delicious.

    These types of things help in their own small ways, don't they?

    Oh, and I just started reading Dharma Punx, tell me what you think of Dharma Bums!


  3. Way to go AP! I bet you feel like a million bucks with that new bag!

    Can't wait to start Dharma Bums...I think it will be interesting and I am hoping it will be insightful.


  4. My retail therapy is yarn...the gift that keeps on giving. I also haven't shown you my mineral makeup collection yet, Annie. Next time you are here, make me pull it out. Enough for several years!!