Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The weekend started off badly. I had started my courses and was feeling like a bloated grouch. This Saturday morning we were supposed to head south for a brief weekend in San Diego and then at Disneyland, but part of the journey would be stopping at a friend's baby shower.
The plan was to leave by 10:30am to get to the OC in time for the shower, but when 9:30am came around and we were just waking up, Sir B looked at me dead serious and said there was no way he would be ready to leave in an hour. He still had to go home and pack for the weekend.
NO! I was not having it. I needed to be at the shower ON TIME because I was planning on leaving early. I could not arrive late and leave early. But Brad again looked at me dead serious again and said, "Sorry, you're going to be late." I made a huge stink. I threatened to go in a separate car. I threatened to not talk to him the whole day. He got mad. And when we finally just agreed to go together, I glared at him and refused to say a word, and he sighed and said, "This is going to be a loooong weekend!"
At 11:30, when the shower is starting, in HUNTINGTON BEACH, might I remind you, we were sitting in Downtown LA traffic. We we got past that onto the 5 FWY, suddenly a cop brought all traffic to a stop because of major road debris. Now NOON, I started to think I wasn't going to make the shower, which made me more mad, no angry, no, not even angry, I was a raging BITCH.
I made Brad get out his Blackberry and I told him to go to his calendar. I said, mark this day, mark this day for each month, and remember NEVER to do anything that could slightly piss me off, because on this day, I am PMSing, on this day, I might be starting my very courses, on this day, you will DIE if you make one mistake.
Now on the 710 FWY, traffic comes to a stop because of a multi-vehicle accident. Hot, sweating, bloated, angry, frustrated - I can't think of anything else but should I, or should I not go to this shower.
At 12:45p, I finally made it and I told Brad to go find something to do because I was no longer leaving this shower early; I was going to stay until the very end because he made me late and he was going to pay for it. If I knew then what tomorrow was going to bring, I would have NEVER dared said something so awful...or would I. Can a women really control her hormones? I guess I can say this all helps make it a great story to tell.
Luckily, the shower brightened my day, my anger ceased, and Sir B did not hold a grudge and was full of love and smiles when he picked me up (probably because he got to go shopping at Henry's and Target while he waited for me). In the car, now headed to San Diego we ended up hitting more traffic that brought us to continuous stops. I had nothing to be angry about, although it was very frustrating to be stuck in traffic AGAIN, so I chose to go to sleep for the rest of the trip.
When we arrived to San Diego I told Sir B to leave me at home and to go hang out with my sister and brother-in-law because I just wanted to lay on my mom's couch. He was happy to leave me and my bad mood behind. It wasn't until later that evening that we joined together again after what seemed like a day in distress with each other.
By Sunday morning, I was cramping pretty badly. We had plans to go to Disneyland to meet up with Sir B's best friends and do lunch, but trust me, I was not feeling it. If anyone knows me, they know that I must not have been feeling well if I considered passing up Disneyland. But Sir B was smart and did what he could to get me there- he purchased an annual pass (since I already have one).
Sir B was anxious to leave early in the morning but I wanted to at least have breakfast with my family. My sister made a nice breakfast but Sir B couldn't eat. Of course, then, I had no idea why, I just felt like, wow, he always makes me feel like a pig. We finally left and were able to make it to Disneyland with just enough time to make it to my favorite ride before we had to meet his friends. I was still giving Sir B a hard time though, walking ahead of him, not really holding his hand because it was too crowded and when I'm on my courses, I do not do well with people and crowds and I was just trying to get ahead and away from everyone. I even was saying that we should just meet his friends at the restaurant instead of outside of a ride and he should text them and tell them that. Of course, that was not part of the plan. Sir B's plan.
So we head to the exit of the Pirates of the Caribbean with still 15 minutes before we are to meet up with his friends. When I went to go in a shop, Sir B tugged at my hand as if not to let me go away. But I pulled my hand away and went anyway into the little shop. When I came out, Sir B was right at my tale and said while we wait we should have caricatures drawn of us. I was like, "Really, why? No, we don't have time." But Sir B said, "Yes we do, they're still in line and it doesn't take that long."
30 minutes later, his friends are nowhere in sight, a crowd is gathering around, and I'm starting to ask questions. To Sir B, "Where are they? Have they text you?" To the artist, "Are you almost finished, is that why all these people are standing around?"
45 minutes later, still no friends in sight and I'm back and forth in my mind. Is he going to do something? Nah, he's looking around for them, they must still be on the ride. He would never propose in such a public place. But what's going on?
Then, the artist asks, would you two like to see? Sir B turns to me and says, "Why don't you look first?"
I get up, walk around the easel, and there is the caricature of Sir B bending on one knee to me up in a castle and he's asking while holding an open ring box, "Will you marry me?"
Then when I finally shut up, when tears were pouring down my face, when my jaw was quivering violently, he took my hands and said...
"Darling, I couldn't think of any better place than the happiest place on earth to tell you that you make me the happiest man on earth. You are the princess in my fairy tale and I want to spend the rest of my life with you."
Then he got down on one knee...
"Will you marry me?"
I dropped to the ground and grabbed him and said, "Yes". Then I stood up and shouted to the crowd of 50 people, yes 50!, "Yes!!!"
There just so happened to be a wedding photographer there, someone capturing it on film, and his friends...there they were...they were actually there, taking their own photos! Suddenly, out of nowhere and in perfect timing, came a Disneyland employee with two pins that said, "JUST ENGAGED!"
And there you have it...the PROPOSAL!!!
We just received some of the photos and will be getting a DVD in the mail. Stay tuned...

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