Thursday, May 13, 2010

Palm Springs - A Tag on "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"

There is nothing like the memories you bring back from a night out or even a weekend trip with THE GIRLS. The shared stories, the laughter, the CRAAAZY things you would never do with anyone else...I am fully with Anne-Marie about how much Girls want to [and need to] have FUN!
I was in desperate need of Girl time when I got the text message asking if I would like to join some of Hollywood's brightest, most talented, successful, funnest, single ladies on a trip to Palm Springs. I absolutely jumped at the opportunity. It was like I put it out in the universe and they responded.
The players: Ring Leader, Publicist, Danish Girl and me.
If you go on my Facebook you can see just how much fun we had! It started out all meeting at the Ring Leader's house. There she made us a great breakfast and we gossiped about her first date with this entertainment lawyer. Of course, one topic leads to many others when it comes to Girl talk, and before you know it we had already been at the house 30 minutes jibber-jabbering when we should have already hit the road. But we gathered up our items, I dug out space in my friend's trunk and we packed tight all our belongings. We were on our way. Goodbye Hollywood; Hello Palm Springs.
There was never a hole in our conversation on the entire two-hour drive. For most of it, it was like watching E! True Hollywood Stories, or reading the tabloids, since Publicist is a celebrity publicist, Ring Leader manages celebrities, and Danish Girl worked in foreign sales (motion picture) but now reps producers and directors. I got to hear all about the IRON MAN 2 premiere and the freakin' sexy Robert Downey, Jr. But aside from Hollywood BS, we fantasized about marrying old, saggy rich men, and sang along to the tunes of GREASE at the top of our lungs, SUMMER LOVIN', HAVE ME A BLAST! Next thing you know, we had arrived.
That's when our ring leader pulled out the small ice chest of . . . MARGARITAS in recycled water bottles. Yes - we were still in the car driving, but now on the main strip. A toast to Palm Springs! Let me just say, it was only 11am.
Soon we approached the one and only, hipster hotel...ACE. What appeared to be a retro run down hotel, was actually one of the hippest hotels I've stayed at, purposely looking the way it did. But soon you discovered how NICE and HIGH QUALITY everything actually was. We immediately made our way to the pool. Lounge chairs with big tall sun visors attached, big circular lounge beds, lounge couches, pool bars, and hipsters. It looked like Silver Lake peeps migrated to the desert, and we joined them. Dogs wer in abundance, as well. It was a real party!
As my friends were guzzling their Margaritas, I went to the bathroom and poured mine in the toilet - I'm not a fan of Margaritas that aren't blended. But I soon ordered the strongest Long Beach Ice Tea I've ever had. Tasted like medicine. My friends were on their third drinks now. We were all feeling it and having a great time.
We didn't end up leaving the pool until 6p - burnt, drunk and exhausted. But we powered up, showered and hit the strip. What transpired from this point on was just genuinely girl fun and unless you were actually there it's difficult for me to relate in a blog. Like, "You had to be there", sort of thing. I can try, and I will tell some of it.
Something I thought was pretty hilarious, was at dinner, our ring leader's eyes were drooping and she was yawning. I think that made us all tired. But the faithful party-goer that she is, she pulled out her list of bars we had to hit up. If you saw us, you would understand why we decided not to walk, but to take a cab. But hold that thought, because when we went to the street to take a cab none would stop for us. AT ALL! Whizzing by, empty cabs, refused to stop. We found out later that you have to CALL and reserve cabs. WHATEVER.
So coming down the road we see a big bus that reads, DOWNTOWN. I was kidding when I said, "Let's take the bus!", but my friends said, "OK!" so enthusiastically, that we actually ended up doing so. This is when I should describe what we were wearing. As we walk onto the bus, (Anne-Marie can relate to this part), we see some scary people who are looking us up and down. We did not belong! I was wearing a VERY SHORT halter black dress, gold bangles, wet messy hair and funky black sandle shoes. Ring Leader was wearing a VERY SHORT shirt dress, and sandles and dark make-up. Publicist was wearing a great fitted dress and her curly hair a big frizz (on purpose). And Danish Girl was wearing a white, see-through, man's work shirt with a skulls and cross-bone bikini top showing through, a short mini jean skirt, and sandles. Yeah! We looked like we had been transplanted from LA into the twilight zone.
To make things worse, Publicist kept repeating loudly, "Oh this is so fun, we're on a BUS!" And then we had no choice but to ask for directions because it was obvious we were CLUELESS where we were going. Never mind the crazy Indian man with double braids telling our deaf ears his stories of why he gets kicked off of buses. Eventually our stop came and we rushed out of the bus. Not so fun anymore, eh. "We're taking a cab home!" was the concensus.
As we went down the list of bars, the one we were most excited for was the STREETBAR NAMED DESIRE, mostly because the name was so cool. But as we started to approach, it was just called STREETBAR, and there were rainbows everywhere, men everywhere, and this bar suddenly became not so cool. Ring Leader started laughing so hard vomit shot out of her mouth. I had to duck out of the way, but she had caught it in her hand and flung it in the street. Desperate for a restroom, but not desperate enough to go inside the STREETBAR, we all ran across the street to another bar. This was no better.
Danish Girl and I stayed on the sidewalk while Publicist and Ring Leader ran inside, where the latter got rid of the rest of her dinner. Meanwhile, outside, we realized the "woman" talking loudly outside on the bar patio- about how if we would have come earlier we would have been rocking out to classic rock instead of to this pop BS- was actually a man. Sure enough we were at another gay bar. In fact, where had we been all night...looking around us, the entire street was full of gay men. And I started to wonder if they thought Danish Girl and I were men dressed like women. Just then Publicist and Ring Leader had the same realization and we quickly found our way to men who might like us.
Okay, maybe it was more like, boys. I really can end this here. Once teenagers started hitting on us we knew it was time to call that cab. By 12:30a, it was lights out. But who really needed to party anymore, all that mattered was Girls Just Wanted to Have Fun...and fun we did have. These were memories that will last a life time, memories that have already given us tons of laughs as we are back working the daily grind.

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  1. hahahaha, Marcianna I love that you had such a great time with the girls! The bit about the bus had me cracking up!